Thursday, October 20, 2011

job interview tonight...

...and i'm extremely nervous!

i have to sing a kid's song in front of a bunch of strangers as part of the interview process, and then teach a mock class...

yeah, color me freaked!

i have a few songs prepared, just in case someone sings something i wanted to sing. i also finally got what i wanted to wear figured out, so that's a bit of a relief.

so wish me luck! hope everyone's week is great!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


...and wasting time.

now that the craft fair is over with (thankfully) i've got nothing to do with my time...oh, besides that whole looking for a job thing. i've been doing it off and on, but i just haven't really got it in me right now. i'm kind of wiped out, to be honest. i spent so much time and energy getting ready for the craft fair, that now i think my brain and my body just need a moment to relax a bit. of course, i'm horrible at relaxing, and i don't know how to do it very well, but i'm trying.

in other news, my ten year high school reunion is this coming weekend. however, i do not think i'll be attending. maybe at twenty years it will matter more to me, but ten years just seems like nothing really. people still look the same, they're just now realizing life, sure they may have families and stuff, but to be honest, some of them already did when we were in high school, so yeah. not enough has changed for me to be all that interested in going i don't think. maybe that will change as the week goes on, but as of  right now i think i'll let this one pass me by.

hope everyone is have a great tuesday, and a great week for that matter!


Friday, October 14, 2011

craft fair day...

is tomorrow! yea!?!

so if you live in the area, come see us at wylie high school between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. it's sure to be eventful, seeing as how this is my first craft fair ever, and i have no idea what to expect! yea!?!
lol, well hopefully everyone is having a good friday night, and will have a great weekend!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mmmm, coffee...

and i didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it!

today is going to be a stressful day, methinks. i have a lot of printing to do, with little space to do it in, and using the same screens over and over again. this means i have to wait in between printings to wash and dry the screen before i can use it again. what i'm currently waiting on now, actually.

i'm printing hoodies today, for the most part, which are always a pain in the rump-roast, but always come out looking really good. next are long-sleeved dress shirts, and then a final run of short sleeve t-shirts i have left. on top of all of this i have to pour more resin ornaments, drill and string the ones that are already made, and heat set stuff as it dries. aaaaaa! and breathe...

well, my coffee is all gone, so i think that means it's time to get back to work. hope today is a productive, or laid-back day (whichever may apply) for all of you.


Monday, October 10, 2011

halloween is coming soon!

i love halloween! i love passing out candy to costume clad kiddos, and spoiling them rotten. it's so much fun!
this year, i bought a couple of fake pumpkins for carving, and here's what turned out:

pretty cool, huh? i'm quite proud of them :) hope everyone is having a great monday! i'm off to continue my productive day :)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

a booger in my lap...

so i'm currently sitting here with a cat's butt in my lap, and her front part sprawled on the desk in front of me, making it very difficult to type, or get anything done for that matter.

here's a pic:

she's such a booger!

in other news, only one more week until the craft fair! it's getting down to the wire and i'm starting to question whether or not i'm going to have enough to sell. here's to hoping!

well back to work i go! 


Monday, October 3, 2011

only one more day to go...

of work that is!

i'm super excited that tomorrow is my last day, but a little stressed as well. it's finally hit me that i'm quitting my job...the source of my income...and just having paid a bunch of bills isn't helping with that reality check.

it's a good thing overall i believe, and i know it was the right decision to make. everything must come to an end, and tomorrow my job and i shall part ways. goodbye short-bus, hello new opportunities!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

stressed and the rest...

i have so much to do!

the craft fair i'm a vendor in is in two weeks from today. my printer crashed and for some reason will only work on my pc (which doesn't have photoshop on it), which means i'm unable to print off designs with any kind of ease. so frustrating. we've tried different cords, rebooting it, uninstalling it and then trying to reinstall it (which wasn't working either), etc... if you have any ideas, please feel free to throw them out there!

it's only 2p.m. and it's already been a long day. it's saturday and i've been up since 6:30a.m. for who knows what reason. i have some energy today, however, so i'm trying to use that to get some stuff done. mainly stuff for the craft fair, but other stuff too, like cleaning (bleh!). it's a beautiful day outside today, too, so being cooped up inside is kind of sucky. i may have to go out later and draw at the park or get some coffee or something.

well off to do more stuff, and hopefully accomplish something in the process.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sick and tired...

of being sick and tired...but we've all heard and/or felt that way before, so on to what's new.

october 15th there's a craft fair at a local high school that i'm going to be a part of! so come out and see me and all the other wonderful vendors that will be there. for more information, just contact me!

in other news, i have recently given my two weeks notice at work. it was bittersweet. i love the kids i work with, and i love the people i work with, but i need to move on, and i'm at a place right now in my life where i *know* that in the deepest part of who i am. whether it be going back to school full time and working part time retail or something, or finding a new full time job that supports me, i don't know...but in some ways that's more freeing than even leaving my job. i only have four more days of work left, with a weekend in between, and i keep telling myself that i can do this, i can make it through. i know i can, it's just exhausting when you're sick.

hope all is well with the world's you live in.


Friday, September 9, 2011

it's been awhile...

yeah, so i've been away for awhile. not really a whole lot to update on, other than i'll be doing a craft fair in october, so i'm trying to get stuff ready for that. i have some new designs coming to the shop soon (like this weekend hopefully), and hopefully will be getting some winter wear in soon as well. we shall see what happens with that though, as i have to actually get paid first :)

hope everyone is having a good week, and will have an awesome weekend!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fall in july? yes please!

so as i was on my way to an appointment today, i stopped at a local convenience store to grab a drink. as i'm walking towards the register after perusing for the perfect pick me up, something caught my eye. could it really be? no way, it's only july 6th, after all, and surely it wouldn't...but is! they had candy corn for sale, and all kinds of it!

now a little known fact about me is that i have a huge weakness for the sugary confectionary known as candy corn. not a day goes by, when it's in season, that i do not have at least a piece of it's oh so yummy melt in your mouth goodness.

with that being said, one can imagine my delight when i saw it sitting there, in it's yellow, orange and white glory, along with candy pumpkins and all flavors of candy corn, including the one i bought, caramel apple candy corn. i'm so excited!!! haha...i'm a dork, i know, but i embrace this fact and allow it to guide me through my life, and so far, it has yet to fail me :)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

store of the week: edition 10!

yay! the tenth edition of store of the week is here!!! and this week i've been holding on to a true gem of a store to share with all of you :)

Green Bird Press is a cool little card and coaster shop that offers some truly neat, simple and yet elegant designs! their prices are extremely reasonable, which is hard to find in a card shop, and their presentation is immaculate.

from the shop announcement:

Green Bird Press is a small letterpress operation with a modern minimalist approach to design. All products are hand printed on a 6x10 inch Kelsey press using a combination of handset type and magnesium plates produced from digital files. Various ready-to-purchase designs including cards, coasters, and gift tags are available here in Green Bird’s Etsy store and new designs are always in the works. We hope to be able to offer a range of personalized products including business, calling, and correspondence cards soon and are always open to working with clients on individual custom projects.

For more information about Green Bird Press visit our website:, and our profile

If you have any questions about our products, are interested in a custom order, or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact me, Susan, at greenbirdpress [!at] or send me a convo through Etsy.

also, just for you readers out there, a special coupon code! here's the details:

I would love to offer you and your blog readers a small incentive so created a 5% off coupon code EBLOG0711 which will remain active till the end of July.

so be sure to check out this little shop and give it some love :) have a great week everyone!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

secret project revealed!

if you want to see what i've been working on, go here:

they are oh so cool, and would make the perfect addition to your tree! :)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sometimes it just works out that way...

and sometimes it doesn't. today, however, was one of those good days, where i got a lot done, and didn't find myself completely overwhelmed, bored, or short of things to do. i even got to see my best friend today, so that makes the whole day even that much better!

i must say, though, that lately i've been feeling a little stuck as far as the flow of creative juices goes. i don't know if it's just a temporary rut, or if i've just sheltered myself too much lately, but i feel as though i'm coming up short somehow.

any ideas out there to help a fellow artist who's feeling stuck?

well, i have a couple of things i wanted to finish up tonight before i head off to bed, so i'm going to get going on that. hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


Monday, June 27, 2011

what i'm working on...

with christmas now less than 6 months away, i figured i'd better get the jump on ornament making and such. look at me trying to be productive :D anyway, while out shopping for resin, i came across new star molds that i thought could look pretty as an ornament. they had both large and small molds, so of course i had to buy both :)
here's what's come of it so far, and there's definitely a secret project in the works!

and be sure to check out my etsy site, as there's tons of new stuff going on over there, and will be newer stuff up soon! yay!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

store of the week: edition 9!

so this week, as i sit here watching dan in real life, i scrolled through the new postings on etsy, and one store really caught my eye:

Renovated Light & other curiosities is run by Paula, in Bloomington, IN.

the store is eclectic and offers some really unique and cool items such as the following:

from the shop's announcement:

**COUPON CODES:** - "LOCAL" - use this coupon code if you can pick up your item on the south side of Bloomington, IN "RETURN" - Use this code if you are a return customer and have made a purchase from THIS ETSY STORE. If you are both - I love you!!!! Convo me to work out the details. :-)

Now - Welcome to Renovated Light! My name is Paula Patton ( I am offering lamps that I make from a variety of recycled parts from broken and discarded lamps. I make clay lamps and will often add a recycled piece or two to give it interest. Sometimes all clay, sometimes all recycled, definitely unique! Along with making clay lamps, I throw and handbuild with a brown stoneware and a large variety of glazes. I love how the glaze melts over the pot to give it it's final personality! I hope you enjoy my shop, if you have any questions or would like to discuss a custom piece, just convo me!

hope everybody is having a safe and great weekend!


i've succumbed...

you can now follow me on twitter:!/equal_e

so go do it! cause i'm lonely over there, all by my lonesome :)

store of the week coming later!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

new stuff!

there's been a few new shirts added to my store over the past couple of days, so if you have the time, stop on by and check it out!

here's a few pics of what's been added:


Monday, June 20, 2011

store of the week: edition 8!

yay! another edition of the store of the week!

this week's store is an awesome little stationary/gift tag/altered journal etsy store that has a lot of cool stuff to offer.

modern scrapyard is it's name, and here's what they have to offer:

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Many new items have arrived, be sure to check them out!
♥♥ All items are handmade by me, in stock and ready to ship ♥♥
Feel free to contact me for any custom colors, order or quantities! Many images in my shop is available as a sticker, gift tag, wish tree tag, flat note card, folded note card or moleskine notebook, contact me if you don't see what you are looking for! Note that the distressing and handstamping technique applied to many of my items causes some variation between each piece.

Easter and Spring Items:

Alice in Wonderland Items:

and here are a couple of pics:

as always, thanks for stopping by and checking out this awesome store! and be sure to stop by my shop as i've posted a few new items over the past couple of days! yay! enjoy!


new stuff

new listing over at:

so go check it out!

store of the week post coming later today! i have to find one first ;)



Saturday, June 18, 2011

new treasury, yes again :D

today's treasury is about finding direction...whether you be lost in life, in art, or just in general, we all need a little direction at times. so please go check it out, look at the cool shops i included and comment if you feel like it! thanks!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

new item!

just posted in the shop tonight, bottle cap pushpins!

you can find them here:

or by visiting the general store itself:

go check 'em out and let me know what you think!



two new treasuries...

hey everyone! hope you're staying cool so far this summer. i know it's been getting excruciatingly hot here in the texas area.

anyway, i just wanted to share two new treasuries i created with you. so go check them out and comment, pass them around to your friends, etc...

the first one is devoted to typography and can be viewed here:

the second one is all about time, and can be seen here:

thanks again for checking these out and giving me your feedback! more coming soon!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

back in business...

hey everyone, sorry for the long leave of absence, but here i am, back and ready to get some great stuff posted!

for starters, let's do a store of the week post, shall we? yes, let's!

this week's store of the week comes to us all the way from toronto! it's an awesome little shop on etsy that makes a big impact:

wordology creates subway signs and bus scrolls, both ready made and custom designs, that are truly cool! i love the overall design of this shop, the pictures of the products, and all of the info they have to offer on who they are and what they do.

from the shop's announcement:

Wordology Re-Creates Classic Vintage Style Subway Signs, Bus Blinds and Tram Scrolls. Unique Custom Destination Wall Art That Is A Stylish and Sophisticated Way To Bring a Personalized Statement To Your Home Decor. Wordology Subway Signs Are Totally Custom - Weddings, Births, Milestones, Memories, Places You've Lived Or Loved...Visited or Dream To. Whether a Wonderful Addition To Your Home Or An Unforgettable One Of A Kind Gift - Wordology Can Help You Celebrate Your Lifes Journey.
As Featured in Eye Weekly Magazine!
Wordology is here to help you express exactly what you want and turn it into unique works of which the possibilities are endless.

Marina Vazzana

so go check out this awesome shop and show some love and support! more posts coming soon, so stay tuned!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

new treasury!

go check out this awesome new treasury i made last night:

it's already helped one of my friends find something she loves! yay!

also, now that it's summer, i'll be able to post more regularly, so stay tuned for updates and such!


Monday, March 14, 2011

this is random but...

...i didn't know they even still made this stuff! it's the gum that lasts all of five seconds, but was still my favorite as a kiddo! haha, awesome find!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

store of the week: edition 7!

this week's store is one called: Ami Nyitray Designs: Curiosities and Wearable Wunderkammer

i love this store! there is some really cool stuff to be found here, and though i haven't bought anything yet, it is saved as one of my favorites for future gift ideas!

from the shop announcement:

aminyitray's Shop Announcement

FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 5 or more items! (Shipping refunded after payment.)
Check my Etsy profile to see find out about upcoming markets.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

new items coming soon!

so for the past week or so, i've been playing around with a new idea for my bottle cap collection. after toying around for a bit, it came to me! i already make magnets from my bottle caps (also coming soon to the etsy store) so why not make push pins from them as well?! so that's what i did, or, am doing i guess i should say. here are a couple of pictures of my progress. because i was playing around with a couple of different sealant substances and finally decided on trusty 'ol resin, it'll be a few more days before the first batch is done.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

store of the week: edition 6!

this week i am featuring an etsy store that doesn't seem to really need any promotion, but that i absolutely love and just have to share!

today's etsy store of the week is happy family, a store that specializes in screen-printing shirts for men, women, and children, as well as tote bags, messenger bags, and original art prints.

from the shop announcement:

Hello from Atlanta! Use coupon code HAPPYDAY during your etsy checkout for 10% off your order.
►FREE TOTE BAG with every two items purchased.
►Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) wore our HappyFamily T-Rex Dino t-shirt on The Big Bang Theory twice!
►About us:

Follow us on Facebook for giveaways and updates on new merchandise!!/pages/Atlanta-GA/Happy-Family/165218366367?ref=ts

Follow us on Twitter!
Be our friend on Facebook!

so go by and check out all of the awesome stuff this store has to offer! i bet you'll fall in love with it just as i did!


Friday, February 18, 2011

new stuff is always fun :)

well there is a new shirt in my etsy store i would love for you to check out!

so head on over to:
and check out the new "reel to real" shirt. it was inspired by the media's ability to take words and make them truth, regardless of whether or not they really are.

hope you enjoy it! and now for some much needed rest :)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

store of the week: edition 5!

yay! and now for another great installment of store of the week :D

we got iced/snowed in here in north texas again today, so i'm getting to do this a little earlier in the day than normal. yay for no work! :D hehe.

today's store is the Curious Pug. this is an adorable little store that specializes in felt ipod cozies and brooches. i love the style of this store! it's simple, yet fun! and now offering free delivery confirmation with orders!

so be sure to check out this weeks' store and while you're at it, stop by my store and see all the great deals!

thanks :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

learning how to observe...

starting tomorrow, i will be sitting in a high school classroom for two and a half hours a day for two weeks, doing nothing more than observing, and writing said observations down.

why? why would i put myself through such torture? why would i ever want to go back to high school?

i haven't quite figure that out yet...any of it, to be honest. what i do know is that observation is required by the course i am taking this semester, and also, that i am beyond extremely nervous about it!

so here's to new experiences and learning how to observe...just...observe...haha, oh the things i get myself into! :)

goodnight all!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

store of the week: edition 4!

well it's that time again! here's another amazing etsy store!

this week i'm featuring a store called BrightWall Studios. a shop that customizes and upcycles vintage and cool found items like suitcases, shirts, ties, etc...
check them out!

from the shop announcement:

Welcome to BrightWall Studios. My name is Erik Taylor and I love to create things! Whether it is taking old clothes and giving them new life with screen printing, or finding the right items to create the perfect vintage look. I hope you enjoy the shop, and what I've been creating!

If you get a chance, make sure to check out our vintage home goods shop at

and be sure to stop by my store and cash in on the awesome clearance sale still going on!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

swell and swollen...

today i played racquetball for the first time in, oh, probably 2 years!

because i'm considered an "intermediate" player by my coach, i was put with the "big boys" to start off the class. it took a little bit, but it all started coming back to me. within two hours i had played four matches: 2 single matches, a doubles match and a cut-throat match. I lost both the singles, and won the doubles and cut-throat matches (though barely). all in all it was an awesome knees, on the other hand, do not agree with this sentiment.

i've had knee and hip issues for approximately 10 years now, and because of it my active level is kept relatively low. racquetball, for those who don't know, is a fairly high impact sport that requires a lot of running, jumping, sweating, etc... something me, and my knees are not used to. so while i had fun today, my knees look like two red gummy bears left in a glass of water overnight. (if you don't get that reference, try it! you'll be amazed:)

so now i'm sitting here, listening to the classical radio station on my pandora list, cuddling with a curled up kitty sitting on my lap, and getting ready for a quiet evening and an early bedtime. hope everyone's weekend is going swimmingly!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


that is, i feel that my sleep has been neglected the past few days. for some reason this past week felt as long as two weeks put together, and for many random reasons, i slept like crap most of it!

tuesday night is when i found myself having anxiety attacks as i laid there trying to sleep. wednesday was about the same. thursday, after having a late class and not getting to bed til later than normal, the crazy confused birds that like to perch outside my window decided that 2a.m. was the best time to chirp! i don't know what's wrong with these birds...maybe they're blind, maybe they have mental disabilities, but someone should inform them that 2a.m. still constitutes as nighttime!

so this weekend is about rest. rest, laziness, sleep, and perhaps getting a bit of homework done. hope everyone else's week wasn't a bust!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

store of the week: edition 3!

yay! time for another amazing etsy store feature!

this week we're looking at dark cycle clothing: an indie clothing and accessories shop! they're awesome. i love the unique designs, the use of colors, and their overall look.

from the shop announcement:

Welcome to Dark Cycle Clothing!
Buy two shirts get a tote free/Buy three shirts get a free mystery shirt!

If you placed an order during our holiday break (23rd-27th), your shirt will be shipped out by January 3rd.
We are now accepting wholesale orders, please send me a convo if you want to carry our shirts in your store.
Go like us on facebook!!/pages/Dark-Cycle-Clothing/144336912259380?ref=ts

Become a fan and get exclusive deals and sneak peeks of new designs!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

running late!

sorry for the lack of posts this week, i have been a bit under the weather and busy with many other projects in the meantime.
since i missed it on tuesday, however, i figured i should hold off on doing the store of the week just for this week, and start it back up next tuesday.
until then, for all of you artists out there, here's a pretty cool site i came across:

hope everyone is having a great week!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

store of the week edition 2

well it's tuesday, which means it's time for the "store of the week" edition!!!

this week i'm featuring a cool vintage home decor store titled : solsticehome

from the shop announcement:

"WINTER SOLSTICE SALE Continues ~ see the Sale Section..

with more being added each day! 
SNEAK PEEKS of our 2011 collections starting this week...I couldn't wait to share :)

Solstice Kids have arrived! We think it's about time the children get some vintage love. 

Did you meet Dolly?
She has her own section...she'll be sharing some of her favorite things. 
keep an eye on her...she's not as innocent as she looks

.......... sneak peeks & specials on.......
{ solsticehome.blogspot } & { twitter }..........

A big thank you to Etsy for visiting my home and thank you all for your lovely comments...come have a peek here

thrilled to be part of Joie's premier issue, a lifestyle mag the art of joyful living.. come see

.......... stay in touch .......
{ solsticehome.blogspot }{ twitter }{ facebook }{ flickr } 

Love to ship to other countries & combine orders just ask..
{ I'm so easy :) }

you should also peek at..trampoline 
you'll be glad you did"

as you can see, this shop has a lot going on! but take a few to have a look around and i'm sure you will find something you just can't live without! be sure to share with your friends too!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


hope everyone had a super safe and awesome new year's!!!

there's a huge sale going on in my shop right now, so go check it out!

live=e in 2011