Tuesday, November 30, 2010

keeping in touch...

today has been a loooong day!

and i have a feeling the week is going to be much of the same...

but that's ok, because i actually have quite a bit to keep me busy. with orders coming in fairly steadily, and work being work, plus the other hundred and one things i have taking up small amounts of time here and there throughout my day, even long days seem to move faster than they used to. and who can complain about that?!

more ornaments posted in the store tonight! here are the links:



and this one was posted last night:


so there you have it! coming this weekend (starting friday night at 8p.m.)  FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING!

if you see anything you would like in a different color/style/etc... convo me and we'll see what we can create together :)

goodnight everyone!


Sunday, November 28, 2010


hi everyone!

so this is my first blog post...what to talk about...hmmm...

oh yeah!

i got featured :D head on over to:


and check out the awesome post on my store!!! thank you so much again for this, it made my entire weekend!

hope everyone is doing well and has a safe week ahead. i'm not sure how often i will get to posting on here, but i am going to try to make it as regularly as possible, and as interesting as possible as well.

til then!