Saturday, January 29, 2011

swell and swollen...

today i played racquetball for the first time in, oh, probably 2 years!

because i'm considered an "intermediate" player by my coach, i was put with the "big boys" to start off the class. it took a little bit, but it all started coming back to me. within two hours i had played four matches: 2 single matches, a doubles match and a cut-throat match. I lost both the singles, and won the doubles and cut-throat matches (though barely). all in all it was an awesome knees, on the other hand, do not agree with this sentiment.

i've had knee and hip issues for approximately 10 years now, and because of it my active level is kept relatively low. racquetball, for those who don't know, is a fairly high impact sport that requires a lot of running, jumping, sweating, etc... something me, and my knees are not used to. so while i had fun today, my knees look like two red gummy bears left in a glass of water overnight. (if you don't get that reference, try it! you'll be amazed:)

so now i'm sitting here, listening to the classical radio station on my pandora list, cuddling with a curled up kitty sitting on my lap, and getting ready for a quiet evening and an early bedtime. hope everyone's weekend is going swimmingly!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


that is, i feel that my sleep has been neglected the past few days. for some reason this past week felt as long as two weeks put together, and for many random reasons, i slept like crap most of it!

tuesday night is when i found myself having anxiety attacks as i laid there trying to sleep. wednesday was about the same. thursday, after having a late class and not getting to bed til later than normal, the crazy confused birds that like to perch outside my window decided that 2a.m. was the best time to chirp! i don't know what's wrong with these birds...maybe they're blind, maybe they have mental disabilities, but someone should inform them that 2a.m. still constitutes as nighttime!

so this weekend is about rest. rest, laziness, sleep, and perhaps getting a bit of homework done. hope everyone else's week wasn't a bust!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

store of the week: edition 3!

yay! time for another amazing etsy store feature!

this week we're looking at dark cycle clothing: an indie clothing and accessories shop! they're awesome. i love the unique designs, the use of colors, and their overall look.

from the shop announcement:

Welcome to Dark Cycle Clothing!
Buy two shirts get a tote free/Buy three shirts get a free mystery shirt!

If you placed an order during our holiday break (23rd-27th), your shirt will be shipped out by January 3rd.
We are now accepting wholesale orders, please send me a convo if you want to carry our shirts in your store.
Go like us on facebook!!/pages/Dark-Cycle-Clothing/144336912259380?ref=ts

Become a fan and get exclusive deals and sneak peeks of new designs!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

running late!

sorry for the lack of posts this week, i have been a bit under the weather and busy with many other projects in the meantime.
since i missed it on tuesday, however, i figured i should hold off on doing the store of the week just for this week, and start it back up next tuesday.
until then, for all of you artists out there, here's a pretty cool site i came across:

hope everyone is having a great week!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

store of the week edition 2

well it's tuesday, which means it's time for the "store of the week" edition!!!

this week i'm featuring a cool vintage home decor store titled : solsticehome

from the shop announcement:

"WINTER SOLSTICE SALE Continues ~ see the Sale Section..

with more being added each day! 
SNEAK PEEKS of our 2011 collections starting this week...I couldn't wait to share :)

Solstice Kids have arrived! We think it's about time the children get some vintage love. 

Did you meet Dolly?
She has her own section...she'll be sharing some of her favorite things. 
keep an eye on her...she's not as innocent as she looks

.......... sneak peeks & specials on.......
{ solsticehome.blogspot } & { twitter }..........

A big thank you to Etsy for visiting my home and thank you all for your lovely comments...come have a peek here

thrilled to be part of Joie's premier issue, a lifestyle mag the art of joyful living.. come see

.......... stay in touch .......
{ solsticehome.blogspot }{ twitter }{ facebook }{ flickr } 

Love to ship to other countries & combine orders just ask..
{ I'm so easy :) }

you should also peek at..trampoline 
you'll be glad you did"

as you can see, this shop has a lot going on! but take a few to have a look around and i'm sure you will find something you just can't live without! be sure to share with your friends too!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


hope everyone had a super safe and awesome new year's!!!

there's a huge sale going on in my shop right now, so go check it out!

live=e in 2011