Thursday, December 30, 2010


go check out the super low prices going on right now!!! PLUS: if you spend $10+ you get a free magnet! AND if you spend $20+ you get two free magnets!!!

wow! that's just a whole lot of super saving!

happy new years everyone, enjoy!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

store of the week...

so, because i came to creating this blog by way of someone being kind enough to feature my etsy store in their blog, i figure it was time to give back! thus, i shall start doing a "store of the week" from etsy. if you want to be featured, be sure to follow this blog, or send me an email with a link to your store, and maybe one week will be your lucky one!

this week, and for the first of my "store of the week" entries, i figure it's only right to give back to the person to was so kind to feature me first.

Painting Pam and Paper Too is a cool little shop on etsy that features hand designed paper products.

currently the store above is closing, but another store has been opened to replace it and can be found here at

Paper Majik

shop announcement:

"Welcome to my shop, Paper Majik, specializing in handmade paper stationery, earrings, journals and clocks. 
I create cards with lots of different techniques and it all involves paper, hence the majik!!!!!
Thank you for visiting my shop!! If you have questions, convo me. I can make anything you want. 
If you don't find exactly what you need, convo me. I am able to customize the pulp to your taste and need as well as for the occasion.

Check out this custom journal:

so go check out this awesome store with such unique and awesomely crafted products!


Monday, December 27, 2010

grinning from ear to ear...

today is a very important, i made my first out of country sale!!! yea!!!

i already had said that today was going to be a good day; i woke up in a good mood, got my coffee and warm buttery croissant, had a kitty cuddling in my lap, was going through my morning email checking, and there it was! my first sale to the UK!

this may not be a huge thing to some people, but to me it's brilliant!

so now, i have motivation and inspiration to burn off throughout the rest of the day, which is something that has been a bit lackluster in days of late. with that being said, off i go! i've got art to create! :D


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

no longer seeing pink, just seeing red...

so i've been away from the computer for a few days and haven't had a chance to catch up with much of anything on here. so what have i been up to? well, i'll tell you...

as a christmas present to my best friend, i spent the past four days painting his bathroom while he was away visiting family. the bathroom, originally painted in a rosy pink and now painted in a creamy sandy kind of tan color, with a deep wine red accent wall, didn't seem it like it was going to be that huge of a project in the beginning. then, it started.
being the master bath of the house, it's quite a good size room, on top of which, the ceiling is slanted on one half of the room, there's a large window on one wall, and the water closet sticks out into the room adding three extra walls to paint.
now i knew all of this going into the project, however, you know how sometimes your brain can minimize the negatives of a situation in order to make it seem more achievable? yeah...well, that's definitely what happened here.
so first, after hours of taping and covering things with plastic, a friend and i painted on the primer.  and, well, it didn't do a very good job of covering. then came time to paint - and let me just say here and now, i will never.ever.ever. paint red again. three coats of red later (with four hours of drying in between coats), we could finally paint the rest of the bathroom! on the last day! with only 9 hours before my friend got home! but alas, it got done.

so, now i am exhausted, and sore, but happy because my best friend no longer has a pink bathroom, and he loves the new paint, which after everything, is all that really matters.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

concerto in f, for friday!

well tomorrow is friday, and for the most part, this week went by fairly smoothly.

the past couple of days have found me very busy, however, making two new screens for a custom order shirt, pouring resin for ornaments for a custom order, and trying to get all the other stuff done that comes with this time of year. luckily, tomorrow i will get off early from the day job, and should have time to finish up screens, shirts, etc... plus, once i'm off tomorrow, i'm off for two weeks! yay!

well, my nightly edition of relaxing to Gershwin has come to a close, and with it so shall this post. short, but sweet (just the way i like my weeks:)

happy friday to everyone! and have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Monday, December 13, 2010


i finally got to playing around with the simple designs available for this blog, and went with this one for now. however, as with many things in my life, it will probably change ever-so-often, as i tend to get bored without change.

for a monday, today was great! now, hopefully, the rest of the week will go as swimmingly! i have a few new projects i've been working on, but nothing completed enough to post yet. let's just say i bought a box of light switch covers awhile back, and have finally figured out what i want to do with them...hehehe! also, some new shirt designs, and art projects are in the works.

well, here's to a successful monday, and continuing it throughout the week!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

a literal pain in the neck...

so, i have somehow managed to develop tendonitis in my left shoulder, as well as having sprained it sometime within the past week. i'm now stuck in a sling for most of the waking hour, and had to take today off of work, which is sad because i truly love my job!

unfortunately, all of this also means that i haven't been able to work on things for my etsy store at all this whole week either...<insert sad face here>. i go back to work tomorrow, which i'm not sure makes sense seeing as how it's a friday, but who am i to argue with the logic of doctors? anyway, i go back to work tomorrow, and then hopefully by the end of this weekend i'll be up and able to start getting some new shirts worked on and posted, too!

hope everyone else's week has been most awesome. oh! i have a handful of christmas cards i have to get sent out tomorrow! yay! i love this time of year :D

well i am off to bed, as the meds are starting to kick in, and 5:45a.m. beckons all too soon. night all!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

productivity is the word of the day!

so here's what i *did* get done this weekend:

christmas cards written, signed, addressed and stuffed; new batch of ornaments made, and a special order filled; a new shirt made and sold; and OOPS section put up in the shop for those happy little accidents that aren't exactly perfect, but still deserve a loving home; a load or two of laundry, and organization of some christmas presents taken care of.

that's about it. not a lot from the original list up there, but i still feel as though i got a lot accomplished, so i can start off this week on a good note! hope everyone else had a productive and/or relaxing weekend. only a couple more weeks till christmas!

till next time!


Friday, December 3, 2010

yay for friday!

it has been the longest couple of days! whew, i'm just happy the weekend finally got here!

right now, the plan for my weekend is to get some work/design/ornaments/shirts made, figure out some other stuff i've been working on for awhile now, and get a new look determined for this blog. we'll see how much of any of that actually occurs, but that's the plan as it stands currently.

so what about you? any plans for the weekend?


Thursday, December 2, 2010

just a glimpse...

just a quick shot of one of the desks in my art room...a small look into the mess and madness :)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010