Thursday, December 9, 2010

a literal pain in the neck...

so, i have somehow managed to develop tendonitis in my left shoulder, as well as having sprained it sometime within the past week. i'm now stuck in a sling for most of the waking hour, and had to take today off of work, which is sad because i truly love my job!

unfortunately, all of this also means that i haven't been able to work on things for my etsy store at all this whole week either...<insert sad face here>. i go back to work tomorrow, which i'm not sure makes sense seeing as how it's a friday, but who am i to argue with the logic of doctors? anyway, i go back to work tomorrow, and then hopefully by the end of this weekend i'll be up and able to start getting some new shirts worked on and posted, too!

hope everyone else's week has been most awesome. oh! i have a handful of christmas cards i have to get sent out tomorrow! yay! i love this time of year :D

well i am off to bed, as the meds are starting to kick in, and 5:45a.m. beckons all too soon. night all!



  1. Hey! feel better! I'm out with an injury also! Bah!

    Thanks for vising my blog. Love your Christmas Ornaments in resin; simple but lovely! Chris

  2. sorry to hear you're out with an injury as well! i really hope you get to feeling better soon!