Saturday, January 22, 2011


that is, i feel that my sleep has been neglected the past few days. for some reason this past week felt as long as two weeks put together, and for many random reasons, i slept like crap most of it!

tuesday night is when i found myself having anxiety attacks as i laid there trying to sleep. wednesday was about the same. thursday, after having a late class and not getting to bed til later than normal, the crazy confused birds that like to perch outside my window decided that 2a.m. was the best time to chirp! i don't know what's wrong with these birds...maybe they're blind, maybe they have mental disabilities, but someone should inform them that 2a.m. still constitutes as nighttime!

so this weekend is about rest. rest, laziness, sleep, and perhaps getting a bit of homework done. hope everyone else's week wasn't a bust!


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  1. Hey, =e!!

    Sorry you slept poorly!! May the birds go on vacation this weekend and leave you alone!