Saturday, October 1, 2011

stressed and the rest...

i have so much to do!

the craft fair i'm a vendor in is in two weeks from today. my printer crashed and for some reason will only work on my pc (which doesn't have photoshop on it), which means i'm unable to print off designs with any kind of ease. so frustrating. we've tried different cords, rebooting it, uninstalling it and then trying to reinstall it (which wasn't working either), etc... if you have any ideas, please feel free to throw them out there!

it's only 2p.m. and it's already been a long day. it's saturday and i've been up since 6:30a.m. for who knows what reason. i have some energy today, however, so i'm trying to use that to get some stuff done. mainly stuff for the craft fair, but other stuff too, like cleaning (bleh!). it's a beautiful day outside today, too, so being cooped up inside is kind of sucky. i may have to go out later and draw at the park or get some coffee or something.

well off to do more stuff, and hopefully accomplish something in the process.


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