Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sick and tired...

of being sick and tired...but we've all heard and/or felt that way before, so on to what's new.

october 15th there's a craft fair at a local high school that i'm going to be a part of! so come out and see me and all the other wonderful vendors that will be there. for more information, just contact me!

in other news, i have recently given my two weeks notice at work. it was bittersweet. i love the kids i work with, and i love the people i work with, but i need to move on, and i'm at a place right now in my life where i *know* that in the deepest part of who i am. whether it be going back to school full time and working part time retail or something, or finding a new full time job that supports me, i don't know...but in some ways that's more freeing than even leaving my job. i only have four more days of work left, with a weekend in between, and i keep telling myself that i can do this, i can make it through. i know i can, it's just exhausting when you're sick.

hope all is well with the world's you live in.


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