Tuesday, October 18, 2011


...and wasting time.

now that the craft fair is over with (thankfully) i've got nothing to do with my time...oh, besides that whole looking for a job thing. i've been doing it off and on, but i just haven't really got it in me right now. i'm kind of wiped out, to be honest. i spent so much time and energy getting ready for the craft fair, that now i think my brain and my body just need a moment to relax a bit. of course, i'm horrible at relaxing, and i don't know how to do it very well, but i'm trying.

in other news, my ten year high school reunion is this coming weekend. however, i do not think i'll be attending. maybe at twenty years it will matter more to me, but ten years just seems like nothing really. people still look the same, they're just now realizing life, sure they may have families and stuff, but to be honest, some of them already did when we were in high school, so yeah. not enough has changed for me to be all that interested in going i don't think. maybe that will change as the week goes on, but as of  right now i think i'll let this one pass me by.

hope everyone is have a great tuesday, and a great week for that matter!


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