Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fall in july? yes please!

so as i was on my way to an appointment today, i stopped at a local convenience store to grab a drink. as i'm walking towards the register after perusing for the perfect pick me up, something caught my eye. could it really be? no way, it's only july 6th, after all, and surely it wouldn't...but is! they had candy corn for sale, and all kinds of it!

now a little known fact about me is that i have a huge weakness for the sugary confectionary known as candy corn. not a day goes by, when it's in season, that i do not have at least a piece of it's oh so yummy melt in your mouth goodness.

with that being said, one can imagine my delight when i saw it sitting there, in it's yellow, orange and white glory, along with candy pumpkins and all flavors of candy corn, including the one i bought, caramel apple candy corn. i'm so excited!!! haha...i'm a dork, i know, but i embrace this fact and allow it to guide me through my life, and so far, it has yet to fail me :)



  1. YESSS!! Finally I have found someone that loves candy corn as much as I do!! and I had no idea there are different flavors...caramel apple candy corn??!?! pure decadence...I must track this down now :)

  2. hehe, it is awesome!!! i love candy corn, and the caramel apple candy corn tastes just like a real caramel apple! it's crazy cool :)