Sunday, June 26, 2011

store of the week: edition 9!

so this week, as i sit here watching dan in real life, i scrolled through the new postings on etsy, and one store really caught my eye:

Renovated Light & other curiosities is run by Paula, in Bloomington, IN.

the store is eclectic and offers some really unique and cool items such as the following:

from the shop's announcement:

**COUPON CODES:** - "LOCAL" - use this coupon code if you can pick up your item on the south side of Bloomington, IN "RETURN" - Use this code if you are a return customer and have made a purchase from THIS ETSY STORE. If you are both - I love you!!!! Convo me to work out the details. :-)

Now - Welcome to Renovated Light! My name is Paula Patton ( I am offering lamps that I make from a variety of recycled parts from broken and discarded lamps. I make clay lamps and will often add a recycled piece or two to give it interest. Sometimes all clay, sometimes all recycled, definitely unique! Along with making clay lamps, I throw and handbuild with a brown stoneware and a large variety of glazes. I love how the glaze melts over the pot to give it it's final personality! I hope you enjoy my shop, if you have any questions or would like to discuss a custom piece, just convo me!

hope everybody is having a safe and great weekend!


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